Free Gift BoxRoland's Jupiter-80 and Jupiter-50 synthesizers are two of the more popular keyboard synths in the history of the company.  The company is now offering you the chance to download virtual versions of the sounds made by these keyboards for free via their Jupiter-80 website.


 Their Jupiter Synth Legends collection includes emulated sounds from these classic synthesizers:


  • JUPITER-8 (1981)
  • SH-101 (1982)
  • TB-303 (1982)
  • JUNO-60 (1982)
  • JUPITER-6 (1983)
  • JUNO-106 (1984)
  • D-50 (1987)

They are also offering a chance to win a new Jupiter-50 synth via their online Facebook contest.  For more details and contact information check out the Roland press release about this topic.  Enjoy!



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