Rhythm Calculator App ScreenshotLearning complicated rhythms can be a challenge to those not yet advanced enough in their instruction to play them.  A new iPhone and iPad app is set to change all that via a simple, calculator style interface that allows you to type in any rhythm and hear it played back instantly.

Known simply as Rhythm Calculator the interface is very reminiscent of the iOS calculator app.  The buttons each have a different duration of note, from a breve (double whole note) down to 128th notes.  You can add ties and up to three dots to any note or switch notes into triplets.  The time signature can even be changed to almost any standard time signature from ½ to 12/16.

At $1.99 the Rhythm Calculator app is a handy little tool to have in your bag of tricks to help you learn difficult musical rhythms.  Take a look and see what you think at the Jet Powered Apps web site.  


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