Quizizz is a free, online testing application that allows a teacher to create multiple choice quizzes in a quick and easy way.  Once created, the quiz can then be given to a class or shared with the whole world using any web enabled smartphone, tablet, or PC.  This tends to be the only limiting factor, in that every student in the room must have their own device that is able to connect to the Internet in order to answer the questions.   In the same style as the incredibly popular Kahoot.it app students take the quiz in a mildly competive fashion, earning points for correct answers, only without the need to progress through the quiz at the same set rate of speed.


How Does Quizizz Work?

To take a Quiz the student browses over to Quizizz.com/join and enters in the code provided by their teacher.  He or she enters their name and the quiz begins.  Questions are shown on each individual device along with multiple choice answers.  Students proceed through the questions at their own pace, and the quiz taker can earn points for correct answers given in a timely fashion.  

During the quiz the teacher can see a running report of student answers.  At the end of the Quiz the system provides a spreadsheet of student answers to the teacher, allowing them to use those answers to plan future instruction.   Students can even take Quizizz as a part of an assignment given in Google Classroom, their responses and scores saved back to the class when they are finished.  You can even send quiz reports home to the student’s parents.


Quizizz Pros

  • Offers option to let students review their incorrect answers after taking the quiz.
  • It’s competitive but not to the degree of apps like Kahoot.  The ability to go at the student’s speed often means a more accurate assessment of knowledge since students don’t have to rush to be the first or to beat the timer.
  • Questions can have images attached to provide more flexibility in what can be assessed.
  • Integration with Google Classroom is a big plus!


Quizizz Cons

  • Every student must have an Internet capable device.
  • Your classroom must have sufficient wireless capabilities to provide access to all of your students at one time when taking a quiz as a group.


Conclusions About Quizizz

As mentioned previously Quizizz is a lot like Kahoot.it, but the dialed back competitive aspect makes it far more valuable for taking both formative and summative assessments of student knowledge.  Both systems work well, but for younger students and/or for those that are not as comfortable with technology, Quizizz is a better fit especially with the added bonus of Google Classroom integration for those who already are tied into that system.

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