Page TurnerSeveral years ago I remember reading about a device called the MusicPad.  That novel little gadget was essentially a stripped down laptop computer with one purpose in life, to allow you to display, edit and flip through your sheet music without the hassle of...  flipping through your sheet music.   The MusicPad is still around, and in fact has gone through several changes since its initial concept, but now onto the scene comes a device so incredibly simple (and comparatively cheap) that it almost makes the MusicPad seem unneccesary (at least when it comes to flipping pages on the fly). 

From Bili Incorporated comes the aptly name Page/Score Turner .  A foot pedal device that plugs into your laptop via the computer's USB port.  With two large buttons you can flip through digitally scanned music on your computer screen.  Simply scan and save your scores into Adobe PDF format and use the foot pedal to effortlessly flip through the pages without having to take your fingers off the instrument.  Of course, making any notes or edits in the music might be a bit challenging (and one place where the afore mentioned MusicPad has the Bili Page/Score Turner beat), but still, for $60 and a choice of three stylish colors you can't beat it.  I will be requesting a review unit this week to see if it lives up to its billing.  Check back often and I'll let you know what I find out!


  • Guest - Marco Leoné

    There is an alternative called MusicReader which runs on a Tablet PC, laptop or desktop computer. This digital music stand software can be used in combination with the foot pedal of Bili.

  • Guest - Chad Criswell

    I actually have a copy of the MusicReader program on my machine and have reviewed it for MusicEdMagic. You can see the review here:<br /><br /><br /><br />I must say that at first glance it does look very promising as an alternative to a MusicPad, but also having heard the new developments that may be coming down the pipe with the MusicPad series the hardware version seems to be more attractive in the long run.

  • Guest - Gabriel Burca

    Yet another alternative is the free VirtMus software (<br /><br />Disclaimer: I'm the author.

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