Angry teacherWe have all heard the stories of teachers being goated into losing their temper in class by students whose motives were to record the event and then upload it to YouTube for the entire world to see.  Some of these stories are not pretty, some are incredibly mean, and others are enough to make a teacher give up on the profession alltogether.  An arguement could be made in some cases that these teachers allowed themselves to get to this stage through poor classroom management or through inadequate preparation or training.  That is not and should not be the point, however.  No matter how it is spun, such an attack on any teacher goes beyond being a simple student vs. teacher prank.  Luckily some school districts and local communities have seen the light to defend their teachers and take serious actions against students that would be so blantantly evil. 

A recent news story on the topic of cyberbullying in the Christian Science Monitor lays out all of the data from recent research on the topic of cyber bullying, but also goes into detail on how these actions adversely affect the teachers that they are pointed against.  In one Missouri community the crime of cyber bullying is now considered a misdemeanor.  Other communities are also considering taking action against students who harass teachers in this way, with the possibility of permanent expulsion looming as one alternative.  Of course, these consequences also have their own critics.  To read the complete article please visit the Christian Science Monitor Web Site.


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  • Guest - Chad Criswell

    In reply to: Guest - bob

    No person, regardless of their profession, deserves to have their position degraded and their professional image defamed just so that a student can have a good laugh. There are times in a classroom where having a good laugh is okay, but when that prank crosses the line to where it diminishes the teacher's role as a professional educator it must be stopped and dealt with according to the school's policies.

  • Guest - William Clarke

    In reply to: Guest - bob

    Obviously, you have never stood in front of a high school class. I have as I am a high school teacher. If students don't want to study hard in class and choose to interfere with a teacher trying to teach them, then they should have the balls to go to work or join the military. Too much "molly coddling" going on these days. That's why the kids are morons. Especially the "gangstas". Pathetic.

  • Guest - Celine

    Ok their are some kids that do go overboard but what are you suppose to do when a teacher makes fun of you in front of your peers and is VERY rude and has no reason to be so rude AT ALL . recently my teacher got fired and this "woman" will take her place? i dont think so , the principal loves her she wont when i get a video of her and show it and i think we should stand up and i dont think kids can do anything so badto degrade their teachers into not even teach in that subject truly you are blank in the head if you think this article is really behind all the stories of what the teachers do to kids

  • Guest - Jewels

    In reply to: Guest - Celine

    The article is about students who manufacture situations in order to make the teacher lose their temper and then humiliate them by taping it and throwing it up on YouTube. That is fundamentally different than the situation you are speaking of. <br /><br />I am sorry that your favorite teacher is gone, but if that person got fired in the middle of the school year then obviously that teacher was doing something very inappropriate. Teacher\'s that are brought in to fill in such a gap have the deck stacked against them from the start. There is another article on this site written by Chad called [url][/url] that talks about how hard it is to come in and replace a teacher that everyone liked. I\'ve been in your substitute teacher\'s position before, and from experience I can say that kids can be very cruel to a teacher that replaces someone they loved.

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