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Top Four Portable Digital Audio Recorders of 2012 Hits: 6323
Rhythm Calculator App Update Adds Value and Features Hits: 6317
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Music Quality of MP3 Recordings Can Have Negative Effect On Emotional Impact Hits: 6207
Audio Software For The Classroom Or Home Recording Studio Hits: 6204
Finale vs Sibelius- The File Sharing Sparring Match Hits: 6174
Music Notation Software: Sibelius 5 Roundup Hits: 6114
Never Give Up On A Student Hits: 6100
Use of Wii Music In Classrooms Appears To Be Growing Hits: 6037
Fixing Common Problems on the Oboe Hits: 6030
Free and Low Cost Streaming Audio Services Hits: 6029
Breathing Exercises to Build Endurance In Brass Players Hits: 6029
Book Review: Leadership: Vision, Commitment, Action by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser Hits: 5955
3 New and Cool Online Music Practice and Accompaniment Tools Hits: 5898
I Can Play Guitar: Review Hits: 5848
Wireless Microphone Tips and Buyers Guide For Musicians Hits: 5814
Rhythm Heaven In Music Class? Hits: 5799
A Review of StaffWars Live for iPad and iPhone Hits: 5774
Instrument Buying On eBay Hits: 5773
Guitar Hero To Use Real Instruments? Hits: 5741
The Slick Slide Guide- Trombone Slide Lubrication Hits: 5736
Finale 2009 Released Hits: 5726
Essential iPad Apps For Encouraging Musical Creativity Hits: 5671
No More Practice. No More Homework. Hits: 5662
Linking Physics To Music By Breaking Wine Glasses Hits: 5636
New Fusion iPad Gig Bags For Musicians Hits: 5609
Talent That Can Make A Grown Man Cry Hits: 5606
Think Your Kids Have Discipline Problems? Try These Instead! Hits: 5589
HTML 5 Lays Groundwork Easier Online Music Publishing Hits: 5535
Avid Shakeup Leaves Sibelius Future Uncertain Hits: 5497
O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics Hits: 5489
Why Low Cost Musical Instruments May NOT Be Such A Bad Thing Hits: 5470
Roland VP-770 Keyboard Hits: 5456
New Musical Instruments Marry Jello With High Tech Hits: 5418
Amazon CloudDrive Offers 5 gigs of Free Online Storage Hits: 5415
Another Reason Music Education Has To Change Hits: 5410
Book Review: American Band Hits: 5376
I Used To Hate Music History Hits: 5368
Why Buying Digital Sheet Music Is A Bad Idea Hits: 5328
By Request: Band Web Site Resources Hits: 5310
Eric Whitacre Does New Virtual Performance of Sleep Hits: 5277
Yamaha SILENT Brass Review Hits: 5250
Via Wired.com- Could Guitar Hero Put Music Teachers Out Of Business? Hits: 5217
When The Metropolitan Opera Comes To Town Hits: 5187
How To Legally Copy A DVD For Educational Purposes- MPAA Approved Hits: 5173
Video: Assistive Technology for Band Students Hits: 5165
Plagiarism Hits Home Hits: 5161
Music Matters Grant Program- Deadline Feb 4th Hits: 5143
Duct Tape Lands Choir Trip Chaperones In Sticky Situation Hits: 5103
Free Patriotic Sheet Music Solos For Your Kids Hits: 5090
Virtual Classrooms Train Teachers About Discipline Hits: 5071
SonicFit Online Music Theory Site Review Hits: 5065
Music Teachers- Share Your iTunes Library Between Multiple Computers Hits: 5061
How To Get Your Ensemble On Disc Hits: 5061
MusOpen Offers Free Music Ed Listening Materials Hits: 5047
Musical Oddities and Strange Songs Hits: 5046
Notion 4 Music Notation Program Released for Mac and Windows Hits: 5018
Was Somebody Singing? The Extraterrestrial Music Education Advocacy Event Nobody Knew About Hits: 4999
Unique Fund Raising Program Puts A New Spin On Gift Giving Hits: 4992
SmartMusic Offering Free Educator Subscriptions Hits: 4988
Controlling Sibelius or Finale With Gaming Keyboards Hits: 4969
Doceri Presentation App Review Hits: 4885
OnSong for iOS Makes Chord Sheets Easy - And Free Hits: 4866
Music Education Labs In The Cloud Hits: 4858
The Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra: A musical sensation from Venezuela Hits: 4806
Student Incentive Programs Revisited Hits: 4805
The Value of Music Education -Video Hits: 4797
Music and Video Piracy Studies Get Blasted By US Government Hits: 4793
Live Audiophile Recording- Direct To Your Ipod Hits: 4778
Five Great Online Tools For The New School Year Hits: 4763
Need a Good Laugh? Funny Things Said In Music Class! Hits: 4752
SmartMusic Coming To The ChromeBook Hits: 4743
Mac Users Unite For Science Hits: 4725
Blue Microphones Spark Digital Review Hits: 4722
Download Some Free Summer Camp and Patriotic Sheet Music Hits: 4702
MusicEdMagic 4th Anniversary Giveaway Hits: 4682
Visualize The Music Theory and Chords Of Songs Hits: 4661
More MIDI + Kinect Music Creation Hits: 4640
Teaching and Using Recording Technology in the Music Classroom Hits: 4622
Music's Place In Our Schools: Schools Districts Work To Bring Back The Fine Arts Hits: 4603
EarMaster Pro 6 Review Hits: 4554
Exceptional Resources For Teaching About Copyright In The Classroom Hits: 4552
Neuratron Releases Free Version of NotateMe Music Notation App Hits: 4549
Music Related Deal of the Day Web Sites Hits: 4532
National Solo Competition For Students With Disabilities Hits: 4523
NinGenius Music Theory App Review For iPad Hits: 4523
Will A Guitar Class Kill My Band Program? Hits: 4517
Instructional Practices Inventory (IPI) Evals vs. Music Education Hits: 4417
MuseScore Hack Makes Online Lessons More Educational Hits: 4416
Using Plickers as an Assessment Tool in the Music Education Classroom Hits: 4393
Get In The ZOEN and Learn To Play An Instrument Online Hits: 4384
Lindsey Sterling Plays Dubstep Violin- Beautifully! Hits: 4368
Feel The Beat... In Your Pants! Hits: 4365
Review of the A.P.E. Anti-Pressure Brass Embouchure Exerciser Tool Hits: 4365
Fixing Clarinet Sound Problems- Fundamentals, Techniques, and Tips Hits: 4360
Making Music With A Kinect Sensor and A Laptop Hits: 4336
The Question Of Music Technology Standards Hits: 4324

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