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How Much Money Do Musicians Make? Hits: 4304
Travel Troubles: Leave Your Laptop At Home Hits: 4301
Electric Marching On The Move In DCI Hits: 4299
SoundTree Opens New Online Professional Development Site Hits: 4266
SmartMusic Adds Large Variety of New Pop Music To Its Repertoire Hits: 4256
$10K Prize Given For Futuristic Musical Instruments Hits: 4233
Marvel At These Marching Mace Masters Hits: 4226
NOTION for iPad on Sale Hits: 4222
Free Audio Loops For Sparking Your Musical Creativity Hits: 4219
Instrument Repair and Maintenance Video Collection Hits: 4207
Teaching Woodwind Beginners To Clean Their Instruments Hits: 4195
MENC Offers New Music Advocacy Tools and Resources Hits: 4183
Release Date Given For Noteflight on the iPad Hits: 4170
Purchasing the Best Piano Keyboards with Weighted Keys Hits: 4160
Tonara's Wolfie for Piano Joins The Practice App Lineup Hits: 4159
Zoom Releases New H6 Digital Audio Recorder Hits: 4152
New Method Book From Focus On Music Hits: 4112
My SmartMusic Feature Wish List Hits: 4102
The Raspberry Studio USB Microphone Full Review Hits: 4102
Online Music Lesson Directory Now Open For Registration Hits: 4100
What Music Ed Web Resources Can You Not Live Without? Hits: 4095
Eric Whitacre- Virtual "Lux Aurumque" on YouTube Hits: 4089
Connecting With Your Local Music Retailer Hits: 4075
Welcome Back From MusicEdMagic! Hits: 4074
New Tool For Music Tech News Seekers Hits: 4062
GarageBand For iPad Goes FREE! But There's A Catch... Hits: 4057
Avid Mbox and Mbox Mini Audio Interfaces Now With Free ProTools Software Hits: 4032
Gibson Guitar Settlement Statement Not So Mild Mannered Hits: 4014
ThinkMusic iPad Music Notation App Is A Game Changer Hits: 3995
Quiztones Ear Trainer For iPad and iPhone Hits: 3958
Bing Music Search Now With Free Listens! Hits: 3951
Drum Pants- A Band In Your Pocket Hits: 3935
AlphaNotes Font in Finale 2011 Solved? Hits: 3926
Trumpet Target Practice! Hits: 3923
Trumpet Hand Position Problems and The Horn Grip Solution Hits: 3904
Corchin Releases Two New Children's Books Hits: 3889
MusTech.net and iSchoolBand Hits: 3886
Rhythm Lab For iPad Review Hits: 3885
Eugene Rousseau Debuts New Saxophone Resource Site Hits: 3862
The Role of Technology In The New National Music Standards Hits: 3862
An Ohio Serenade- Video Story from New York Times Hits: 3861
Video: Drummer, Age 2, Puts Down Some Beats Hits: 3846
Amazing Works of Musical Art and Sculpture Hits: 3829
Trumpet, Trombone, and Tuba Buzzing With The Buzzard Hits: 3809
Organizational Tools and Tricks To Start The School Year Off Right Hits: 3787
Lessons Learned- How NOT To Bring In A Guest Performer Hits: 3783
Practice Your Rhythmic Skills With MyRhythm for iPad Hits: 3765
Teaching Students To Protect Their Reputation Online Hits: 3752
New Clarinet and Trumpet Electronic Lesson Books Hits: 3752
What Do You Want To Read About On MusicEdMagic? Hits: 3729
It's Not Your American School Prom Hits: 3726
Woodwind/Brasswind Big Clearance Sale Hits: 3724
Blind Marching Band Marches In Rose Bowl Parade Hits: 3687
Improving Flute Tone In Beginning Musicians Hits: 3671
Roland Releases FREE Synth Sound Libraries Hits: 3640
Proactive Advocacy Tips For Band Programs Hits: 3629
DCI Semi-Finals Comes To A Theater Near You Aug. 7th Hits: 3614
New Documentary On Inner City Music Ed Needs Your Help Hits: 3606
Tis Almost The Season For Free Christmas Sheet Music Hits: 3599
Online Collaboration Tools For The Music Classroom Hits: 3587
JamStudio Makes Practicing More Fun Hits: 3578
Noteflight Teams With Norton to Provide Music Theory Exercises Hits: 3564
Did The Idea of Stereo Sound Begin In Venice 400 Years Ago? Hits: 3512
Rhythm Ropes Lesson Idea Hits: 3504
New Bass Trombone Bags From Fusion Hits: 3477
Sibelius 7.5 Will Change The Way You Teach Music Hits: 3402
MusOpen Project Seeks To Record All of Chopin's Works Hits: 3377
Conn-Selmer Launches New Brass Mouthpiece Finder Page Hits: 3373
More New Writers At MusicEdMagic Hits: 3369
Use Spotify Without Broadcasting Your Plays to Facebook Hits: 3365
Alternative Ways To Help Challenging Band Students Hits: 3357
The Imaginary Marching Band- Now Available Hits: 3351
A New Kind of Music Video Search Tool Hits: 3315
Sell Your Used MP3's Online Legally Hits: 3306
MakeMusic To End Free Tech Support for Certain Finale Versions Hits: 3305
See Who REALLY Directs The DCI Finals Hits: 3301
Lightning Fast, Low Cost Web Hosting For Non-Profits Hits: 3269
Drum Guru App for iPad Hits: 3230
New Years Wishes and Prizes Galore Hits: 3195
Improve Brass Buzzing With The BERP Hits: 3195
Avid Releases Free Version of Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation Hits: 3187
Infographic for Encouraging People To Pursue A Music Ed Career Hits: 3176
MakeMusic Releases 2011 versions of Finale NotePad and Finale Reader Hits: 3167
The Music Education Monthly Podcast is Coming! Hits: 3097
A New Look At Teaching Beginner Clarinetists Hits: 2987
Updated Music Notation Software Guides Available Hits: 2917
Techno Bling On The Marching Drum Corps Scene Hits: 2907
Audio Recordings From Smithsonian Folkways Hits: 2864
The Best Free Music Editor Apps For PC 2016 Hits: 2825
Improving Saxophone Tone Hits: 2712
Voice Amplification In The Music Classroom Hits: 2306
Buying A Trombone Online- A Guide For Parents Hits: 2242
2016 Big List of Music Education Resources Hits: 1956
Free Christmas Sheet Music For Beginners Hits: 1871

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