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How Exchanging Links With MusicEdMagic Can Help Your Site:

On MusicEdMagic we use a special indexed content system that scans the articles for specific keywords.  If you are given a bookmark on MusicEdMagic your link will appear in the Bookmarks directory, but also potentially on dozens of other articles depending on the content of your site.

For example, if your site deals mainly with student leadership, it is quite likely that your link would show up at the bottom of any article that deals with leadership.  You can see this in action by looking at this example

A nice byproduct of this linking system is that you site may receive additional page rank from the various articles at MusicEdMagic that your site is linked from. 

If you are the webmaster or a representative of a music education related web site and would like to receive a link to your site from MusicEdMagic please contact the MusicEdMagic webmaster by using the contact us link shown below.  In order to receive a link from us your site must also link to the musicedmagic homepage. This reciprocal  link must be placed on your home page or on a links page one click away from your home page.   All links are evaluated on a case by case basis and are subject to approval by the webmaster.

Please send all link requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use this contact form.

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Note:  The articles on this site may contain referral links to sites such as Amazon and other online retailers.  The small amount of income received from these links has helped keep up and running for over ten years now.  Thank you for your support!