For those desiring a few more features and the ability to record audio directly to a CD-R/RW desktop size portable digital audio recorders make a great investment.  Excellent for the classroom or for the home recording studio these digital audio recorders allow the user to either record using the built in microphones or through their own external mics connected via XLR jacks.


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Roland CD2e Tascam BB-1000CD SuperScope PSD450
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Ease of Use
Read MEdM Review Read Review Read Review Read Review
Recording channels 2 4 2
Multiple Pickup Patterns No Yes, multiple configurations Yes, mix ext. and int. mics
Best WAV Recording Formats 16 bit/ 44.1 kHz 16 bit/ 44.1 kHz 24 bit
Best MP3 Recording Format N/A 192 kbps/ 44.1kHz 320kbps/44.1kHz
Mic setup/coincident pair/etc. 2 on top 2 front / 2 back 2 on top
Internal Speaker Yes Yes / 10 watt stereo Yes
External Inputs/ Line Level/ Mic Level/ XLR/ Phone 1/4inch phono mic XLR x 2 / stereo RCA x1 XLR x 2 /  stereo RCA x 1
Phantom Power for External Mics No Yes Yes
USB Connectivity No No Yes
Integrated Tuner/Metronome Tuner/Metronome Tuner/Metronome Tuner/Metronome
Software Included None None None
Memory/Type 512 MB SD Card None provided / accepts SD/SDHC cards or CD-R/RW 40GB HDD/ MiniSD Slot/ CD-R/RW
Maximum Memory 8GB SD or SDHC compatible 2GB SD or up to 32GB SDHC 32GB SDHC + 40gig internal
Windscreen No No No
Batteries/Supplied AA x 6 / Not provided AA x 8 / Not provided AA x 6 /  Not provided
External Power Connector/Supplied Yes / provided Yes / provided Yes / provided
Plug and Play? No N/A Yes
LCD Backlight Yes Yes Yes
Variable Pitch Control Yes Yes Yes
Variable Speed Playback Yes Yes Yes
Other included accessories Wireless remote control wireless remote control wireless remote control / USB Cable / RCA Cable

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