Confederate FlagIn 1859 Daniel Emmett wrote the well known song titled Dixie (originally titled I Wish I Was In Dixie and also known as Dixie's Land).  It immediately became quite popular in the North, and spread southward eventually being adopted as the national anthem of the Confederacy during the US Civil War.

A full length copy of a letter published in the Richmond Dispatch in 1893 does an excellent job of detailing the background and history of the composition of this song.  The letter speaks of the clouded past of the song, including a fight over who wrote the song (Emmett was paid $600 for the copyright to the song but the new owner claimed it as his own).  In the end, despite the incredible success of Dixie in the black face minstrelsy shows of the time period, Emmett died a poor, broken man, never reaping the long term rewards from the song he had penned.

A recording of the song in OGG format is available for download. 

A scanned image of the original score is available through the Wikimedia Commons.


1Dixie VoiceDixie Voice19.11 KB2904 times
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3Dixie Trumpet In BbDixie Trumpet In Bb19.34 KB2623 times
4Dixie Trombone BaritoneDixie Trombone Baritone17.27 KB2341 times
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14Dixie - Tenor SaxophoneDixie - Tenor Saxophone40.37 KB2148 times
15Dixie - Horn In FDixie - Horn In F40.36 KB2348 times
16Dixie - Flute OboeDixie - Flute Oboe40.36 KB2510 times
17Dixie - Clarinet In BbDixie - Clarinet In Bb40.35 KB2595 times
18Dixie - Alto SaxophoneDixie - Alto Saxophone40.34 KB2324 times
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20DixieDixie43.87 KB3235 times

Parts Included In This File:

The lyrics (words) to Dixie's Land:

Oh I wish I was in de land ob de cotton,
Ol’ times dere are not forgotten,
Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie land.
In Dixie’s land where I was born,
Early on one frosty morn,
Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie land.

And I wish I was in Dixie, Away! Away!
In Dixie’s land I’ll take my stand,
To live and die in Dixie.
Look away! Look away! Look away down south in Dixie.

Well buckwheat cakes and a stony batter,
Makes you fat or a little fatter,
Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie land.
Here’s a health to the next ol’ missus,
And all the gals that wants to kiss us,
Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie land.


Now if you want to drive away sorrow,
Come and hear this song tomorrow,
Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie land.
Then a’hoe it down and scratch your gravel,
To Dixie’s land I’m bound to travel,
Look away! Look away! Look away, Dixie land.


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