There are a lot of commercial Karaoke players available on the market. Unlike personal Karaoke players , these models are designed for bars, hotels, and other public places where the use of a Karaoke player is desired. Anyone who is considering to add the great investment of a Karaoke system to their business should do some research on various players to find out which system fits their business and their budget while keeping the customers happy. This process can be complicated but there are some premiere systems that every person interested in buying a commercial Karaoke player should look at.


Unify KC-1000 Karaoke Machine

The Unify KC-1000 is a complete computerized Karaoke machine. The KC-1000 is an actual computer that has been modified with special software for Karaoke purposes. The Karaoke downloads for this machine are limitless due to the built-in Ethernet connection on the device. If downloading Karaoke tracks off the internet isn't the best option, the KC-1000 also features a DVD system that can load and save Karaoke tracks in a breeze. For those Karaoke power users, Unify can modify the KC system in many ways, from the amount of storage on the device to an increased amount of memory to speed up the system. Essentially, the KC-1000 will turn a casual Karaoke pad into a profitable Karaoke business.

Acesonic JB-1200 and KOD-800 Karaoke Machine

For those that need a complete Karaoke jukebox, Acesonic offers the JB-1200 + KOD-800 combination. The JB-1200 is a traditional jukebox with a built-in billing system while the KOD-800 provides a powerful Karaoke interface complete with easy lyrics display and microphones. Since the device is built around the JB-1200, the entire Karaoke machine is enclosed in a sturdy wood frame and comes with a superb sound system. This combination by Acesonic is a very attractive option for nightclubs as the Karaoke machine includes a set of neon lights to brighten up the late night atmosphere. The JB-1200 + KOD-800 is the DJ, the singer, and the entire entertainment package in a single package. While this Karaoke machine is pricey, it is a necessity for popular Karaoke bars that need a better way of making money and organizing their Karaoke operation.

Businesses that make serious money off of the Karaoke trade need professional Karaoke system. While the KC-1000 or the JB-1200 + KOD-800 may not be ideal for all Karaoke centered businesses, they provide the best set of features in the industry.

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