Sony DVP-K85P Karaoke PlayerThere are a lot of personal Karaoke players available on the open market today. When finding a Karaoke player to purchase, it can be hard to select a player that will provide the best performance at the best price. When looking at purchasing a Karaoke player, things such as player size, screen size, player weight, and the availability of Karaoke music downloads for the player need to be taken into account. There are some Karaoke players that meet the needs of a personal singer that exceed the rest of the competition.


The Sony DVP-K85P Karaoke Player

For those who are looking for a Karaoke setup that will allow the playback of DVD's as well, Sony's DVP-K85P should do the trick. The K85P is a fully functional Karaoke player that also has the ability to play DVD movies. This Karaoke system is ideal for an entertainment system and allows for easy configuration to meet your Karaoke needs. It's compatible with a wide range of Karaoke gear, making it a quality option for those wanting it all.

The VocoPro CDG-500RF Home Entertainment System

Another home entertainment system option for a Karaoke machine is the VocoPro CDG-500RF . This player goes as far as actually allowing you to create a demo tape of your Karaoke performances. While it can be used for club entertainment, the thing that makes the VocoPro stand out for home usage is the fact that it can connect to a DVD player or a laser disk player and turn those devices into a Karaoke machine as well. Finally, it should be noted that this device has a cassette deck, allowing you to load and sing the oldies with ease.

VocoPro MJ-MKII Home Entertainment System

VocoPro also offers the MJ-MKII, which is an external USB 80GB hard drive that has Karaoke options. The MJ-MKII easily hooks up to a television without the need for a computer, making it ideal to carry to a friends house on Karaoke night. Since the Karaoke player is nothing more than an external hard drive, you can easily add your favorite Karaoke music downloads without the hassle of having to buy cassettes and CD's.

Is your budget lower than the price of these items? If so, the best option is to purchase a Karaoke player from a local electronics store such as Best Buy or Wal-Mart. These companies have many personal Karaoke players in stock that will do the job without costing you a fortune. While they can't compete with some of the more elite personal Karaoke players, these budget players work very well and include many features that all Karaoke singers need.

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