Selecting music in Finale 2010 More recent versions of Finale and Sibelius have really lent themselves to allowing users to create attractive worksheets and handouts using high quality music notation.  There are still times however, that a teacher or other user wants to move pieces of a composition into other publishing programs such as Microsoft Word or Open Office.  An example of this would be wanting to paste the graphic of a four bar phrase into a Word document or save that four bar phrase to be included in an online web page.  The good news is that you can easily save either segments of a score or entire pages of a score as JPG, EPS, or other graphic formats using tools that are already built into the music notation programs.
Exporting music as a graphic or image file in Finale

Current versions of Finale have a built in feature that allows you to export portions or entire pages of music as image files.   Once you have the score looking the way you want it to use the menu at the top of the screen to click Tools > Advanced Tools > Graphics.  The menu at the top of the screen will change slightly and there will be a Graphics pull down menu between Tools and Window.  If you want to export an entire page as a graphic file click the selection marked Export Pages...  Pages can be exported in four different formats including JPG, EPS, PNG, and TIF.    For early versions that do not provide this feature you can use a free screen capture tool such as Screen Hunter Free to accomplish many of the same tasks.

To export a smaller section of the page, such as a single measure or even a single note, follow the same basic procedure as above but do not click Export Pages...   Instead, double click (holding the button down on the second click) and drag a box around the information to be saved as an image file.  After the dashed line box is correct, release the mouse button and return to the Graphics menu this time choosing Export Selection...  Follow the same save procedure and the notes or other graphics will be saved as image files for use in other documents.  Clips can be saved as EPS, JPG, PNG, or TIF files.

Importing graphics and images into a Finale document

Sometimes it is nice to be able to include an image in a music score.  Whether writing an elementary music workbook or simply creating a piece of holiday music Finale makes it possible to include images and clipart in a Finale document.  To do so, set up the document the way you want it then click Place Graphic... from the Graphics menu (see above to find out how to get to this menu).  Browse to the image file you wish to add to the document and click OK.  It is almost always a good idea to resize the image in an external image editing program before importing it into Finale and will often make arranging the image on the page much easier as well as allow for a much smaller document file size.

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