Singing and Ear TrainingDeveloping your ear when singing is essential to being someone who can sing well.  Most people are able to tell you the difference between what sounds right and what sounds wrong, but developing that ear for your own singing takes some practice.

Learning how to sing well means you will need to develop your ear for notes, tones, and pitch.

Developing your ear really has little to do with the ear itself.  When a musician refers to developing your ear, he or she is talking about the ability to perceive, distinguish, and comprehend what your ear has heard.  For most people who are not born with perfect pitch, this means that you will have to train your brain to recognize the notes and chords you are hearing.  From the day you start your music lessons you will be developing your ear both consciously and subconsciously.

One task in developing your ear is to at least recognize relative pitch.  Most musicians do not have perfect pitch, but relative pitch will be good enough for you to develop your ear.  Relative pitch means that you may not know exactly what notes or chords are being played, but you will be able to determine chord progression.  As you train your ear, you will be able to hear a musical note in your head and sing it out loud accurately.

Practice is a large part of developing your ear.  However, one big mistake that novice singers make in developing their ear for music is that they try to do it in a group setting.  Singing in a choir will not help you develop your ear in the beginning, because you cannot develop your ear and listen to others at the same time.  Learning how to develop your ear is done best on your own.  This also applies to people who try to learn while there are background vocals.  Those vocals can cause problems in discerning the notes for a novice singer.  As you develop your ear, though, you will find it easier to tune out other singers better.

The best way to develop your ear is to take lessons offered by a singing coach or other program.  There are a number of methods you can use to develop your ear so that you are able to easily reproduce notes or even sing directly from sheet music.  Developing your ear means that you will more easily come up with the right notes, tones, and pitch for singing better.

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