Directing a BandDavid Law has written a very intropective article on what it means to be a band director and how important it is that we not overburden ourselves with duties to the point that we forget to nurture our own soul as a person.  As a band director it is very easy to lose yourself in the daily barrage of band rehearsals, lessons, after school practices and performances.  This is the first of two articles he has written that were originally published in the Iowa Bandmaster Magazine.

Watching one of our cats stretched out in front of the fireplace, soaking up that nice warmth and seeming to have no cares in the world sparked this train of thought. We live in a world of deadlines and seem to work at light speed. Too often, when we have reached and passed one deadline, we have our sights set on the next one. Any small amount of free time is usually filled with finding a project that has been sitting patiently at the side of the desk or in the back of the briefcase.

Rushing from one deadline to the next has become the newest American pastime, yet band directors have been at the forefront of this lifestyle for years. Some things we add to our busy school schedules and some just get included on their own. Each project, concert, newsletter, or meeting has its own importance and we feel a deep responsibility to contribute and meet our obligations.

{mosimage}Our students are part of the fast paced lifestyle as well. Think of how many of your students are juggling activities and work schedules that did not exist ten years ago. It seems at times that they are stretched even farther than we are as teachers. As both a parent and as an educator I am amazed and impressed with our student's abilities to multi task and budget their time to include music, along with the other (sometimes more attractive) activities. This is a testament to the power of music and our ability to instill a love of music in our students. In order to continue to inspire our students and to provide those opportunities for learning we too must stay fresh and inspired.

About the Author:

David Law is a career music educator and past president of the Iowa Bandmaster's Association. He currently teaches band at Vernon Middle School in Marion, Iowa.

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