I have been on a quest for the past several years.  The quest has been to find something that would make my life as a travelling band director easier and more efficient.  Carrying three arm loads full of instruments, music, and supplies between three different buildings each week is a hassle, and I have been on the lookout for something that would help me simplify things a bit. Ordinary gig bags are good, but I am looking for something exceptional.  I may have found it...

I recently came across a new manufacturer of instrument bags that is based in Great Britain but is looking to begin exporting their wares into the United States.  I received a few sample gig bags today and will be giving them a trial run over the next few weeks.

It took me a while to figure out how to arrange things, but in the end I have been able to condense four instrument cases and a backpack down to two instrument cases and a smaller, more compact backpack.  At first glance I think the bags have a lot going for them, especially the F1 series (the professional line).  There are tons of storage compartments and zippered places to store things.  The flute/clarinet bag has room for two instruments fully assembled which allows me to put both instruments in one bag along with all of their accessories and supplies plus the clarinet/flute bag has special velcro attachments that hooks it up to other bags to simplify things even further.

No word yet on who in the US is going to be carrying the Fusion Bags product line, but hopefully they will be picked up soon by some retailers.  Look for a full scale review in the coming weeks.

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