Several months ago I posted an article titled How To Teach Music Lessons Via The Internet.  Following the publication of it I had had several people contact me asking if I knew of any directories where potential students could find teachers that are willing to teach instrumental or voice lessons over the Internet using videoconferencing.  While there are several places out there that people can find a music teacher there were none that I could find that specialized in this new, virtual type of instruction.  I finally got around to putting together an online music lesson directory, but decided to go beyond just providing a place for virtual lesson instructors.  There are categories available for traditional one-on-one private lessons, as well as a place to post software based music instruction tools.

All teachers, musicians, and professionals that are interested in being listed in the directory are urged to do so.  For the time being the service will be free, although once it is finalized and out of beta there will likely be some kind of yearly subscription structure put in place.  In other words, if you teach private music lessons in your home, in a studio, or online via the Internet, post your ad now while it is free!

My hope is that once this grows and fills out it will be a valuable place for both students and teachers to get together.  Take a look, submit an ad for your private studio or virtual studio, and please let me know if you see any response from it.  The Online Music Lesson Directory is available here or through the menu at the top of the page.  Good luck!

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