Dropbox LogoOkay, I talk a lot about Dropbox on here but it is only because I don't know how I ever managed to work at four different buildings without it.  It syncs all of my computers together so that all my teaching materials and music files are always up to date on each machine that I use and I can even use it on my iPhone (plus I never have to worry about losing a thumb drive ever again). 

Well, Dropbox is currently giving away an extra gigabyte of storage space for free for going through their DropQuest scavenger hunt.  It is only good until January 29th so get hopping and read on to find out the details on getting the extra space.

If you are not a Dropbox user already then go to this link and sign up then go over to Lifehacker to see an article about the hunt or Google the words "Dropquest walk through" to do it all the easy way.  Enjoy!

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