recording studio mixer

You don't have to have high end recording gear to create a decent classroom recording studio setup. Here are some suggested places to start:

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Bare Bones (solo recording, small spaces):


  • Laptop or desktop computer with free Audacity recording software
  • USB Microphone such as Blue Microphones Snowball
  • Microphone Stand
  • Headphones or Studio Monitors (see Jargon sidebar)

Step Up (small ensemble recording with soloists (jazz band, show choir, etc):


  • Laptop or desktop computer with Garageband for Mac or MixCraft for PC
  • USB audio interface with 2-4 XLR and/or ¼ inch input jacks
  • Microphones (both dynamic and condenser)
  • Studio monitors or headphones

Full Featured (multiple miked instruments, most versatile):


  • Laptop or desktop computer with Logic, Reason, or other commercial recording software
  • Multi channel USB mixer with up to 16 channels and phantom power
  • additional selection of microphones for various applications (drums, piano, vocals, etc.)
  • Studio monitors and headphones

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