Main Interface of Rhythm Calculator

When I first saw Rhythm Calculator many months ago I was impressed with the idea and was intrigued to see how it might be used with students who struggle with reading complex rhythms. Today the company is releasing an update to the app that adds several useful features that make it even more valuable as a teaching aid and as a tool for almost any musician. Read on to find out more!

The concept behind Rhythm Calculator is pretty simple. It uses a standard calculator style interface to let you enter in rhythmic patterns in almost any possible meter. When you are done entering the notes you hit the play button and it plays back the rhythm for you so you can hear it played accurately. The new version adds in highlighted notes that mark the specific note being played at that time. They have also added the ability to change meters within the same passage as well as changing the instrument sounds and adding articulations like staccato and accents. Improvements have been made to how it handles nested triplets as well.

Rhythm Calculator ScreenshotAs an educator I really do like this app. Especially as a tool for older, more advanced students who are struggling with playing complicated rhythmic passages in non-standard meters. Take a look at Rhythm Calculator and see how it might be able to help your students master almost any rhythm problem.


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