Tenuto Music Theory Training App for iPadTenuto is a very well done offline music theory training tool for the iPad. Based on the very popular browser based apps on MusicTheory.net, Ricci Adams has ported these online versions to the iPad, making them much more easily used in small group and classroom lesson settings.

Tenuto focuses its attention on exercises related to note identification, chord building, key signature identification, and interval identification. Also included are several aural training activities to help users learn to identify intervals, scales, and chords by sound.

Users of the app can also practice guitar fretboard note identification as well as use one of several calculators to further develop comprehension and speed when working with the previously mentioned topics. For those adventurous enough to use it the app also provides a twelve tone row generator.

Sadly missing however from both the Tenuto and Theory Lessons apps is the brass fingering tutor provided in the classic version of the musictheory.net web site although one would hope that that tool will eventually find its way into the app in a future update.  Despite this fact overall Tenuto is a very useful offline tool for drilling the basics of music theory. Used together with Adams’ Music Theory App the two provide excellent tutorial and practice opportunities for almost any growing musician.

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