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Brass Mouthpiece Visualizers
Brass Mouthpiece VisualizerForming the correct embouchure for a brass player can often be a lot more complicated than just saying “em”.  For the teacher, it can be especially frustrating since we cannot physically see that is happening inside the cup of the mouthpiece as the student is playing.  Pulling away the mouthpiece quickly might help a person to briefly see what is going on but to truly recognize and adjust an embouchure requires that you be able to see it in use.  

Mouthpiece visualizers are essentially the rim portion of a brass instrument mouthpiece without the cup or stem.  The are sold either as single instrument models or as a model with one end being a trombone size mouthpiece and the other being for trumpet.  Having a student practice with a visualizer in front of a mirror will help them immediately see the problems that they are having and help them to adjust their embouchure more quickly and effectively.

Bach sells single instrument mouthpiece visualizers for trumpet or trombone while Selmer makes a model that combines both the trombone and trumpet mouthpiece rims on one handle.  Both styles sell for under fifteen dollars and are well worth the investment.

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