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The Buzz Extension and Retention Piece (The BERP)
The BERPSince buzzing is such an important and vital part of any developing brass player’s routine, having a way to quickly and conveniently practice this skill is important.  The Buss Extension and Retention Piece (BERP) is a simple device that slips into the mouthpiece receiver of a brass instrument and allows the mouthpiece itself to either be inserted into the receiver to play the instrument or next to the receiver for use when the musician wants to buzz.  The biggest benefit to using the BERP to practice with is that it allows the users hands to be free to practice the fingerings and work the valve slides as if they were actually playing instead of having to have one hand holding the mouthpiece.

BERPs are available for every brass instrument including the french horn and tuba.  All work the same way, and are a great benefit to both individual and group lessons.  While a music teacher or band director can keep a supply on hand to use during class the best thing is to have each student buy one of the BERPs and keep it in their case at all times.  It has been my experience that students are more likely to practice their buzzing when they have one of these devices available to use at home.


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