Spotify LogoFor some people the idea of having apps such as Spotify post updates to their Facebook page is an annoyance. Yet many services such as Spotify require you to allow it that access if you want to use their music streaming service. Take heart, there is a workaround available to prevent your listening preferences from becoming public knowledge. Read on to find out how.


Spotify and other free online services require you to grant them access and allow them to post on your behalf to your Facebook wall. At least with Spotify you can still allow this but prevent other people from seeing those posts. Click the down arrow next to Home at the top of the Facebook window and select Privacy Settings-> Ads, Apps, and Web Sites -> Apps You Use -> Edit Settings and scroll down to where Spotify is listed. Click the box in the Posts on Your Behalf line and tell Facebook to make the Spotify posts visible "only to me." Once you save your settings you will still see the posts come up in your timeline but no one else will.

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