MakeMusic recently announced the release of a new spiral bound training guide for the SmartMusic software and SmartMusic Impact online grade book.  For the teacher who has never used SmartMusic this new guide book is essential to learning the many different features SmartMusic and Impact.  Even the experienced SmartMusic user will find solutions to problems as well as new ways to use the software in ways that they had not considered.

Like any good guidebook the SmartMusic and Impact Training Guide starts out with the most essential basics and quickly moves on to the nuts and bolts of how to use the SmartMusic software.  The various chapters of the book include:

  • Overview and installation of the software
  • Setup and calibration of the microphone, speakers, and other devices
  • How to use the system to practice music from method books, concert repertoire, and solo repertoire
  • Dedicated sections that focus on using SmartMusic with vocalists and in the jazz band setting
  • A dedicated chapter on the functionality and usage of SmartMusic Impact (the online gradebook that is integrated into SmartMusic Studio)
  • How to manage and update subscriptions to the SmartMusic service
  • Many best practice lesson plans for elementary as well as middle and high school level ensembles

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