For several years now many band. choir, and orchestral directors have sworn by the techniques and concepts outlined in The Breathing Gym, a book written by Sam Pilafian and Patrick Sheridan.  The book and the DVD of the same title help directors teach their students how to breathe and blow properly to support good tone, phrasing, and articulations.  Now the duo have released a new DVD that builds on the concepts and exercises but that is tailored toward being used as a daily warmup routine for use in both ensemble rehearsals or in private lessons and practice sessions.

The Breathing Gym Daily Workout DVD contains dozens of brief 3-5 minute breathing and blowing exercises that can be incorporated into almost any practice schedule.  The exercises are broken up into five major topics with exercises for:

  • Warming Up
  • Improving Tone Quality
  • Phrasing
  • Dynamics
  • Articulations

There are additional sections for more advanced training concepts as well as a set of pre-performance workouts to help the performer focus and prepare themselves just prior to a concert.  While all of the aforementioned workouts are done in the standing position, the pre-performance workouts are demonstrated in the seated position, making them ideal to help get the entire ensemble ready for the big event.

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